Virtual Wine Tasting

Enjoyed as a couple, family or gathering of friends via a “Live Stream Video”

How it Works

Book your time slot, if you are various households; make sure the time suits everyone.
Payments are done electronically before your experience can be confirmed.
Choose your wines according to the group size. Maximum 3 wines per couple and send
clear pictures of your labels so we can plan your experience info accordingly.
Make sure you are in a comfortable and well lit space in your home for clear virtual interaction.

Villiera Wines

Villiera has been owned by the Grier family for around 33 years now. What was once the creation of a French Huguenot family is now one of what Robbie considers, the most respected estates in the wine industry. Jeff Grier has not only pioneered the Cap Classique in South Africa, they have been a massive contributor to the pebbles project which assists in the education of rural children around the Stellenbosch region. What Villiera does for its staff and their families is what we are all about. Giving back to the community and giving back to the wine industry in South Africa. Amongst Villiera’s cache of award-winning wine, they introduce innovative and creative products to the world’s wine industry that not only inspire wine makers, but set a standard that according to Robbie is a passion for wine that is of the highest regard.

Delheim Wine Estate

This is our setting for an a la carte lunch* under the terrace with beautiful views of the Stellenbosch valley with Table Mountain in the distance.

* Please advise should your group have any special dietary requirements.
* Drinks at lunch for own expense.

Kanonkop Wine Estate

Abrie Beeslaer is the youngest winemaker to be awarded the Worlds International Winemaker of the year, and has been awarded this prestigious accolade no less than 3 times since 2004. The standard of Kanonkop’s wines, Robbie attributes to their style and traditional methods of wine making. Throw in Abrie’s huge passion and talent and you get the best Pinotage in production in South Africa. Looking for the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon or perhaps the best Bordeaux blend outside of France and we introduce you to the very sought after “Paul Sauer”, a wine usually sold out in a matter of months and certainly a bottle that every collector will revere in his/her collection. Kanonkop also inspires and promotes female wine makers and Oenology students. Why we visit this estate….. Its pure love at first sip for even the most amateur of wine lovers!

Muratie Wine Estate

The second oldest wine estate in the Cape where every corner of the cellar and tasting room is filled with history since its beginning in 1699. Ronnie Melck bought back the estate almost 100 years since his last family member had owned it and his son Rijk Melck has really taken the estate to new levels. Every bottle has a story here and that is what we are after. From the cobwebs in the cellar to the 2 love stories from different centuries this estate has no equal. Of course the terroir in the Knorrhoek valley is exceptional and adds to the uniqueness of their wines but let’s give credit to Rijk Melck and his vision for his families’ legacy.

Fairview Wine Estate

When Charles Back returned from Portugal with the idea of building a “Goats Tower” he really had no idea of the enormity and how recognized that Icon at Fairview would become. Today Fairview is easily recognized by this logo and symbol of excellence throughout the wine Industry. Ask Robbie about the Broken Barrel and the “Stranger” wine that he so loves, sample mouth-watering goat and cow cheese that is sold in almost every retail supermarket and enjoy the tastes of the Swartland with Fairview’s Jakkelsfontein range.

Middelvlei Wines

Built in 1919 this is one of the youngest estates we visit in the Bottelary hills of Stellenbosch. Why we love it? Very simply said, we love humble passionate people and amazing wines and that is exactly what you will see on your visit here. This is also where you blend, bottle, cork and label your very own wine. Robbie even has his own hashtag here – #blenditlikerobbie. Middelvlei is a traditional family farm and you can expect to be treated as one of the family here.

Lievland Vineyards

Lievland dates back to 1715. The cellar was built in 1823 and the Cape Dutch house which is the tasting room at present, in 1828. We are witnessing the re-birth of a giant in the Stellenbosch winelands. Previously owned by a family from Latvia, the estate and its vineyards was closed to the public for almost 10 years. Recently re-opened for tasting, Robbie of course jumped at the opportunity to stop off here with our guests. The estate was bought over by M.A.N. Family vineyards and we are very excited to see how they grow. In the meantime they boast with a superior range of wines that are very simply said…. Passionately tasteful!

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