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Owners Robbie and Anrich share a passion for South Africa and its mesmerizing landscapes. To be able to share its hidden gems, rich and earthy vineyards and breathtaking scenery of the Western Cape, is what we look forward to most. Our unique tours & packages are tailor-made to be informative, fun and jam packed with amazing sights, sounds and flavours, that will be in your memory for long after your visit, as one of the best days you had.

Anrich is also an actor/voice artist with a sincere appreciation for music. Originally from Johannesburg, he’s been living on the seaside of the vinyeards for the past year and half with his two sons. When Robbie offered to help him with the construction of his sound studio in December 2018, they became friends. Anrich has always wanted to work in the tourism industry. He loves exploring nature, caring for the environment, providing good service to people, and getting to know others from various backgrounds. When Robbie came up with the idea of starting a wine touring company, he jumped at the oportunity.

H aving started in tourism in 2001 I have specialised in wine tours in and around the Stellenbosch region. I have done over 3500 tours and met close to 250 000 people. With me it is always the story behind the bottle that matters and I teach the guests not only about the production of S.A. wines but also what to expect from South African wines, and also find out why they don’t like certain wines. It is a passion for tourism and the history and culture of its wines that drive me. My passions and interests are nature, cooking and fishing. I love the outdoors and will always take the dirt road instead of the tar road. Our selection of farms is not about the big brands, its not about the awards, we like to discover the gems, the estates that make an impact and a difference. Behind every bottle is a story and that is what we are after.

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